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Tim Oliver


Tim has been a huge enthusiast of developing apps on iOS ever since the launch of the iPhone 3G. Originally a web designer/developer out of university, he moved to full-time mobile software development in 2013 and has never looked back. Presently, he works for Realm, remotely from Western Australia.

Tim's Talk on Day 2 - 02:35 p.m. - 03:10 p.m.

Realm: How I learned to love database again

iOS provides two system level database frameworks: SQLite and Core Data. While both of these frameworks are great at what they do, they both have a high learning curve, and sometimes require a fair amount of boilerplate code in order to get started. Realm is a new database framework wholly designed from scratch to try and make persisting data easier than that. In this talk, Tim will introduce Realm and contrast it to his experiences with SQLite and Core Data in his own apps. He will also provide a demonstration on how to get started with it, best implementation practices, and how to migrate an existing app to it.