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Sam Davies


Sam is a developer, an author and a trainer, working for Razeware, the company behind the curtain at raywenderlich.com. Despite starting out in academia working on computer vision problems, he's spent the last 5 years working in the mobile world, primarily focused on making delightful things in iOS. Whilst he's probably wrangling with some kind of code, recording videos or presenting talks during the day time, you'll often find him out entertaining the masses by night, armed with his trombone and killer dance moves. You should say hi to him. He's nice. Honest.

Sam's Talk on Day 1 - 04:10 p.m. - 04:45 p.m.

Notify Me, Notify You. Aha!

User notifications are incredibly important part of iOS apps - allowing you to get your user to interact with your app when *you* want. They enrich the user experience, and provide real value to your users. So why are they such a pain to work with? Apple has finally heard your cries of despair, and in iOS 10 introduces the new UserNotifications framework. This acts as a central place to handle all user notifications, whether they be local or push notifications.

In this talk we'll take a quick jaunt through the new framework, covering what you need to do to transition existing behaviour, in addition to looking at some of the new functionality. Learn how to create custom, interactive notifications, as well as building an extension to intercept and manipulate your push notifications. There may well be additional ABBA puns, but given the quality of the first one, it's looking unlikely.